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We are pleased to announce our new nonprofit animal rescue and welfare organization, known simply as Haven. And the opening of Haven House, an innovative home-care model designed to support animal sheltering needs on the island.

We know one-on-one human interaction and loving care are best for homeless dogs and cats. We also know there have never been enough foster homes on Vashon to fully provide for Island animals in need. Haven House creates a best-of-both-worlds scenario. Here, animals needing new homes or interim care live with our experienced caretaker in a residential setting, with dogs in one house on the property and cats in a second.

At Haven, there are couches, not kennels. There are private spaces and play areas, and dogs and cats are allowed on the bed to curl up to read, cuddle or take a nap. Haven’s home-care model embraces sheltering rather than being a shelter. Surrounded by forests and fields, animals are given refuge, love and all they need to thrive.

For years, Haven’s founding team has worked in the Vashon Island and regional community to ensure the well-being of animals and support the people who care for them. You have known us from the gentle care given in exam rooms at the vet clinic and private home support visits for at-risk animals. From our work leading missing pet recovery efforts and success in reuniting cat and dog companions with their owners. From the compassionate care given to homeless pets and our record of placing animals into true forever homes. We have also provided help with injured and orphaned wildlife or general animal welfare concerns and have often been the voices at the end of the phone line when support of any kind was needed.

We are honored by the friendships built and the partnerships established with islanders who have joined in this work. Now, as Haven, we are here to help, serve, and protect animals in need and their people.

At Haven, we believe rescue is unwavering and uncompromising. Always help the animal in front of you. No question. No hesitation. Taking each as the unique individual they are and doing everything possible to make that individual whole. Healing bodies, hearts and spirits. Some may have medical issues, which may mean there is not a happily ever after for them. But rescue means you always rise to do the right thing. Give the animal everything they need for as long as they need it. Making sure that, above all, they know they are safe and know love.

These are our guiding principles. Our True North.

We also believe you always try to help the people who need assistance. This doesn’t mean all problems can be solved. But when someone reaches out, we do everything possible to support them, even though it may be complex or uncomfortable.

When a community member needs to rehome a pet, Haven steps up to help, using a time-tested evaluation and adoption process to ensure solid placement. As a no-kill, socially conscious organization, euthanasia is only considered when recommended by a veterinarian if no treatment is available or by a professional behaviorist if treatment is determined to have been unsuccessful or not possible and there is a public safety risk. In rare cases where animals may not be adoptable, we surround them with love and a fear-free transition over the rainbow bridge.

Our Haven Cares program provides pet guardians in need with food and support for dogs and cats, including interim sheltering care when owners have temporary medical or housing issues. We also provide free vaccinations, microchipping and spay or neuter services for community members with financial hardship, offering vet transportation if needed, and financial assistance for veterinary care on a case-by-case basis. Because lost and found pet support is so much more than a flyer or social media post, Haven uses expertise gained from more than a decade of search and recovery efforts to bring lost animals home. We also engage our rapid response team anytime an animal is in harm’s way — be it stuck up a tree, in a well, over a slope or in the road dodging traffic. 

We do all this and more, though our support may often be as simple as being there to listen and let a community member know they are not alone.

Haven was intentionally built on a foundation of strong ethics. As a nonprofit, we recognize the trust put in us and honor the duty of care and responsibility we are bound to uphold. We are fiercely dedicated to serving the Vashon community, and with the launch of Haven, we look forward to continuing to provide comprehensive support for animals and building on the relationships that have long been at the heart of our work.

Just as we have always done and always will do.





We Are Here to Help

Finding Pets A New Home

When a community member needs to rehome a pet, Haven steps up to take the cat or dog, using a time-tested evaluation and adoption process that ensures a solid forever home. We are a no-kill, socially conscious organization, and have a proven track record of placing hundreds of pets in new forever homes. 

Lost and Found

Lost and found pet support is so much more than hanging a flyer or posting a social media message. The recovery team at Haven uses expertise gained from decades of conducting search efforts to bring lost animals home. We also engage our rapid response team anytime a dog or cat is in harm’s way.

Pet food bank and interim care

Haven is here to support our community providing pet guardians in need with pet food. We also offer interim  care for animals whose owners are struggling with temporary medical or housing issues

Spay & Neuter program

We also provide free  spay or neuter services for community members with financial hardship – including transporting the pet to the vet if needed.

vaccination and microchip clinics

In addition to our spay and neuter program, we provide free vaccinations for community members with financial hardchip and free microchipping for all.

financial assistance

Through our Angel fund, we offer financial assistance to community members on a case by case basis.



Kay Farris

Kay has been a licensed vet technician for over twenty-five years, with more than two decades spent in rescue and providing veterinary medical support to rescue animals. Kay’s work has included managing successful rescue adoption programs, partnering with local vets for weekly in-shelter clinics and providing direct veterinary support to community members in need of help. She also founded the first pet food bank program on Vashon to provide dog and cat food to islanders facing financial hardship.

Amy Carey

Amy has more than fifteen years of professional experience in nonprofit management. She has been working as a volunteer in companion animal rescue, sheltering and rehoming and wildlife response for over twenty years. Her work has included a decade of serving as a dog program manager for a local rescue and overseeing the placement of hundreds of animals in forever homes. Amy also has extensive experience in missing pet recovery.

Lisa Peyer

Lisa has been involved in dog rescue and fostering for more than twenty-five years. Before retiring, she was the Chief of Staff for the City of Seattle’s Department of Finance and Administrative Services. In that role, Lisa was responsible for providing direct executive oversight of, and support to, the Seattle Animal Shelter. Lisa was instrumental in implementing many new innovative programs and policies that resulted in significantly improved conditions and outcomes for shelter animals and the staff and volunteers who cared for them.

Ann Graves

Ann is the former Director of the Seattle Animal Shelter, retiring in 2021. She was awarded the 2020 WSVMA Humane Animal Welfare Award in recognition of her advancement of animal welfare and community wellbeing through her extraordinary career within animal welfare and shelter organizations. In addition to Haven, Ann remains busy in retirement and is active regionally and nationally in animal welfare.

Janet Evans

Janet has been working to provide care for dogs and cats in rescue for decades. She is also a champion for at-risk animals and has spent thousands of hours leading extensive trap, neuter, and release operations for feral cats and working to tame under-socialized cats. She is detail-oriented and skilled in all aspects of animal care and rescue. In addition to her animal work, Janet has been employed as a property manager and caretaker for many years.

Adoption Information

Haven does not adopt pets out on a first-come, first-served basis – instead, we utilize an adoption process that is …

Focuses on matching compatibility
Establishes a relationship that lasts beyond the adoption meeting

Adoption success is not just checking a box and moving an animal out of a sheltering situation or placing an animal and crossing your fingers it works out. It means ensuring they are in a new home where they will not be returned and will thrive as beloved family members — and building a partnership and relationship with the adopters.

We use a comprehensive adoption process based on a proven history of successfully placing hundreds of companion animals into loving homes. This process focuses on making the best match for the animal in our care and for the people who reach out looking for a new family member. We can have fabulous dogs and fabulous guardians, but that does not mean they are a match for each other. By taking the time to make a good connection, we serve both the dog or cat and the adopter.

We also stay in touch with adopters after placement to provide support during transitions and keep the connection with the animal.

The first step in our adoption process is to fill out the adoption inquiry application using the link in either the dog or cat section below. We will then follow up within a few days to discuss the dog or cat and answer any questions you may have. If it appears the pet may be a good match, we will schedule a time for you to come meet them. 

Questions? Please email us at


The Pooches



The Kits




Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we have worked hard to create a volunteer program that is built on a foundation of camaraderie, partnership, respect, kindness and collaboration.

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to make a six-month commitment of at least one three-hour shift per week working to give TLC to dogs, cats or both. This helps us maintain a consistent care environment for our animals. We also need versatile volunteers who may be able to assist with transporting animals to the NW Spay and Neuter Clinic in Tacoma or join our lost and found response and recovery team.

To volunteer with us, you must be 18 years of age or older or at least 16 if volunteering alongside a parent or guardian.

The first step is to fill out our Volunteer Application Form

Once we have received your information, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss our program details and answer any questions you may have.